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Structures in the game Hell Let Loose refer to objects that are first laid down in blueprint form by a player with a wrench tool then built with the hammer tool when enough supplies are present.

Building Structures and Requirements[]

To begin building structures select the Engineer or Anti-Tank class from the deploy screen. Once in game scroll through your weapons as if changing to your sidearm (default button is mouse scroll wheel) to equip the wrench tool. Press and hold the right mouse button to bring up the context menu of buildable structures for that class. While still holding the right mouse button use the mouse scroll wheel to select which blueprint you wish to place. When the desired blueprint is displayed click and hold with the left mouse button to place the blueprint. The blueprint must be green in order to place it, if the blueprint is grey try moving to more open or flat ground. *Note* Roads often block the placement of any blueprints.

Now that the blueprint is down, supplies are needed to actually build out the structure. This can be accomplished through a Support class player dropping supplies nearby, a Commander air dropping supplies to the location, or Supply Trucks dropping supplies from the back. Once the appropriate amount of supplies are near enough to the blueprint select your hammer tool (default mouse scroll wheel), approach the blueprint and click and hold the left mouse button to build.

Only two classes can build blueprints but every class with a hammer tool can build the structure once the blueprint is placed as long as sufficient supplies are nearby.

Engineer players can build the blueprints for defensive structures, resource nodes, and repair stations.

Anti-Tank players can build the blueprints for crew served anti-tank guns.

Defensive Structures[]

US and German Engineers are able to build blueprints for similar structures that complete the same goal. One Engineer can build the following blueprints.

Structures Deployable Limit per Player Supplies Cost Upgradeable Time to Build Description
Barbed Wire 4 10
Hedgehog (US Only) 3 25
Belgian Gate (GER Only) 2 30
Barricade 4 25 Yes
Bunker 1 75 Yes
Repair Station 1 100 Automatically repairs friendly vehicles within range.

US and German Anti-Tank players are able to build blueprints for one crew served anti-tank gun. For the US it's the 57mm Gun M1 and German forces the Pak 40.

Resource Nodes[]

Nodes are important as they give your team manpower, munitions, and fuel which can be seen at the very top of the in game map or by pressing tab. These are used primarily by the team Commander to call in abilities and spawn tanks. Artillery and the buildable anti-tank guns placed by the Anti-Tank class use munitions every round fired as well. Therefore nodes are essential to keep a team and commander functioning as they should.

Building Nodes[]

Resource nodes are built like other structures described by the first section of this article by a player in the Engineer class. However, resource node blueprints cannot be built in enemy territory. Every resource node requires 50 supplies to build.*Note* Blueprints cannot be placed in enemy territory however, if the blueprint is already placed and supplies are present the node can be built with the hammer tool regardless of which team controls the sector.

Getting the Most Out of Your Nodes[]

Knowing the importance of nodes you may be thinking of building them far away from where the enemy may ever get the chance to destroy them. However, the amount of resource generated by a node depends on how far from a friendly HQ it's placed. The further from your safe HQ spawn, the more resources each node accumulates every minute. A node placed in the two closest grid squares to your friendly HQ results in 0 resources per minute. The next two grid squares net five resource per minute per node. A resource node in the 5th and 6th grid squares from the friendly HQ nets 10 resources per minute.

As you can see, forward nodes although more likely to be destroyed yield many more resources per minute. A balance of aggressive nodes and ones well hidden in relatively safe sectors is a common strategy. Although having any resource nodes placed on the map is better than having no nodes at all, ask your Commander for their preferred strategy.

Resource Node Limits[]

As of Update 8 Red Ball Express each individual Engineer can place one of each node (manpower, munitions, and fuel) with a team limit four nodes of each type. The individual building limit follows each player the entire game regardless if they switch squads or classes. At times it may be beneficial to disassemble old nodes earning few resources in order to place new ones further forward with much higher yields.

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