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Hell Let Loose is a multiplayer first-person shooter video game developed by Black Matter and published by Team17.


Hell Let Loose is a resource-based strategic war simulator that features open battles of up to 100 players. The massive 4km maps are divided up into large sectors allowing for emergent and constantly unique gameplay that pits two forces of fifty players in a fight to the death across fields, bridges, forests and towns on an ever-evolving front line. Maps are a combination of satellite imagery, archival aerial photography and street-level recreation.

Strategically decide how to best defeat the enemy. Defend munition depots, take out sectors in an attempt to close off and starve the enemy or concentrate on capturing fuel depots to name a few available possibilities. Every decision at every level will affect overall progress and your team's ability to survive. Using teamwork and communication, players work together in Platoons beneath the leadership of Officers and the Commander. If you fight alone, you will die alone.


The fourteen (14) current playable roles and their respective icons.

There are a total of 14 playable roles available in the game, each one resembling a historical counterpart with the same ammunition count, equipment and capabilities. These are divided up into role types. All roles with the exception of Rifleman are limited.

  • Commander - Leader of your faction. Responsible for coordinating actions of all squads, maintaining a view of the overall battlefield, and for using commander abilities to do things to drop air support strafing runs or supplies using the resources you get from resource nodes.


The original thirteen (13) playable roles.

  • Officer - Leader of a squad. Responsible for deploying spawn points, managing the squad, communicating and coordinating with other squad leaders.
  • Rifleman - Equipped with a standard loadout, specialized for general-purpose combat. Also carries a small ammunition box.
  • Assault - Equipped with a semi-automatic rifle or submachine gun, the Assault is an ideal close-quarters combat warrior.
  • Automatic Rifleman - Equipped with a fully automatic weapon, this role's goal is to attain fire superiority in a skirmish to allow the unit to advance.
  • Medic - It is the only role capable of healing and reviving teammates. The Medic also has access to more bandages than other roles.
  • Support - It is the only role in possession of supplies needed for deploying Officer's spawn points and Anti-Tank emplacements. The Support also acts as a resupply point for other classes in need of ammo.
  • Machine Gunner - Equipped with a medium machine gun, the main responsibility of this role is to provide heavy suppression on enemy units and positions.
  • Anti-Tank - Equipped with an anti-tank weapon, this role is aimed at providing fire support against armored vehicles.
  • Engineer - This role has access to an array of explosives, specializing in the destruction of objectives and breaching points.


  • Spotter - As a Spotter, your primary goal is to lead your Sniper, giving them intel on enemy movements to maximise their efficiency in battle.
  • Sniper - Equipped with a rifle featuring a high-powered optic, the primary objective of the Sniper is to provide long-range combat support.


  • Tank Commander - As a Tank Commander, you'll be leading a tank crew consisting of yourself and two crewmen.
  • Crewman - As a Crewman, you’ll be spending the majority of your time on the front in a tank. Under the leadership of a Tank Commander, you will find yourself either driving a tank or taking control of its armaments.

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The game features three factions, the Allies which is currently made up of the United States and the Soviet Union and the Axis which is currently made up of Germany. Subsequent factions will be added in post-launch content.


The game was expected to become available on Steam Early Access in Q1 - Q2 of 2018 (according to the Kickstarter backer rewards).

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Soldier Pack[]

  • Hell Let Loose (1 Steam key)
  • Access to 3 beta tests before Early Access launch
  • Two (2) additional Steam beta keys, each granting access to up to 3 betas ahead of Early Access launch
  • Exclusive pre-order content:
    • German M42 Helmet Cover with Sniper Veil
    • US 505th 82nd Airborne variant

Unit Pack[]

  • Hell Let Loose (6 Steam keys)
  • Access to 3 beta tests before Early Access launch for all Steam keys
  • Exclusive pre-order content for all Steam keys:
    • German M42 Helmet Cover with Sniper Veil
    • US 505th 82nd Airborne variant




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